Gaithersburg Plumbing Unreliable

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments
Not resolved

Gaithersburg Plumbing was recommended by WSSC to replace my incoming waterline that is underground under my front lawn. They replaced my incoming water line and also left my front lawn with ruts . They also did not tamper down the dirt in the hole they dug which is still sinking. I was stuck with calling a landscaper to repair the lawn at a cost of $450. The charge from Gaithersburg Plumbing was $2500. They also broke a branch off my front tree. None of this was discussed by the abusers before they left from completing the job. Their contract does note that they are not responsible for any damages done to lawns or landscape.

In my estimation, consumers would be wise to consider any issues that might arise from landscaping before ratifying any contract with Gaithersburg Plumbing.

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